The Cook 'N' Kettle brand has been dedicated to providing
quality cast-iron grills and accessories since 1947.  Find a 
kettle that meets your needs and own a piece of barbeque history .

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Senior Kettle, Extension Ring, Rotisserie Package and Cart

  • 18” inside dimension kettle with lid
  • Bottom (kettle) and top (lid) dampers for temperature control
  • 5 ½” cast iron extension ring
  • Cast iron bottom coal grate
  • Cast iron top grill
  • Chrome plated handles on extension ring and lid
  • Industrial grade US manufactured thermometer (mounted in lid)
  • 5 ½” rotisserie ring fits between the extension ring and lid
  • Chrome plated handles on rotisserie ring
  • Heavy duty US manufactured stainless steel rotisserie motor
  • Hand crafted 304L stainless steel spit with South Texas whitetail antler handle
  • Our rotisserie motors are US made and offer the highest quality and robustness to support up to 40 lbs at 3 rpm.
  • Heavy duty 1” carbon steel square tube and angle iron construction
  • Epoxy powder coated
  • Dual 1” thick granite cutting board shelves (call us for granite color selection)
  • Free Shipping within the continuous USA. Let us know if you have questions or need further assistance. Thank you.

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