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Cook ‘N’ Kettle™ History

Developed in 1947 by Mr. W. S. "Jack" Alter of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Cook 'N' Kettle™ continues to be the only product to combine the heat retention characteristics of cast-iron with the even heat distribution of a kettle shape to create one of the most unique barbeque grill and smoker combinations available in the market.

The robust cast iron design ensures the kettle will be around for a lifetime. In fact, one of the partners of 3 Dog Barbeque, the present day owners of the Cook 'N' Kettle™, continues to use his father's 1950s vintage kettle today.

Over 60 years ago, Cook 'N' Kettles were enthusiastically accepted as a fool proof method of charcoal cooking. Over the years, improvements were made, but the basic design has remained the same. In fact, many of the components are still manufactured utilizing the same foundry patterns.

The Cook 'N' Kettle products have had an incredibly loyal following over the years. The present day owners are committed to the extended family of kettle owners, while at the same time have a desire to revitalize an extraordinary legacy product that is among the first commercially produced barbeque grills in America. In keeping with this incredible history, the Cook 'N' Kettle products will be produced in America, just as they were 60 years ago.

Due to the nature of the design, these grills are not mass-produced and are hand crafted one grill at a time. The owners of 3 Dog Barbeque are proud to be the 5th owners of the Cook ‘N’ Kettle™ Kettle product line and even more proud to do their part ensuring that American products are made in America.

We invite you to join our Cook 'N' Kettle ™ family by ordering a piece of American barbeque history today.

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